I've got music talent but how do I make it pay?

Is this you? Do you put in hundreds of hours practising your instrument only to find you are still not performing in the venues of your dreams? Are there days when you would value speaking with someone who can help you figure out what to do next? Why not book a coaching session with Millicent Stephenson today?


What can I discuss with Millicent?  

In your first meeting with Millicent, you will discuss your situation and hurdles. Your issues may be around the following: 

  • How to grow your fanbase
  • How to expand the reach and influence of your music
  • Be a recognised brand and artiste
  • How to improve your call back rate
  • Build longevity into your music
  • Create a full-time music business
  • How to put on your live or online Show
  • Identifying the stages of producing and marketing your Single, EP or Album 
  • Improving your Stage presence
  • Creating your music business plan 
  • etc.

But whatever it is, by the end of the session you will identify your options and create a plan of action.

Who is Millicent Stephenson?

Millicent Stephenson is a multi-award winning saxophonist with features on BBC TV and Radio.  Her Single ‘Take Me To The King’ was voted Number 1 on the BIWST Top 10 Music Chart in Jan 2019. It is on rotation on KickFM Radio an international syndicated Radio station with 6 million listeners. Millicent produces ‘Not Just Jazz’ a yearly show which showcases her original material and favourite iconic Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Reggae, Soul and Pop covers.  At 42 years old, Millicent developed her music hobby into a successful music career.

Millicent who is a protégé of the late Andy Hamilton MBE, teaches Saxophone and shares her learning of over 35 years in the music industry through her Podcast ‘Success Beyond The Score’ to help you find your way through the music industry.  Seeing the lack of females in the music industry Millicent set up an online community ‘Time for My Music’ and off-line networking event 'Cafemnee' to help redress the balance.  Millicent is the author of the free E-Booklet ’Revealed - 25 Secrets of the Successful Gigging Musician, Singer, Rapper and Spoken Word Artiste’.

Millicent is an endorser of Harry Hartmann Fiberreed (Germany).

Millicent serves on Committees, including the Executive Committee, of the Musicians Union in making improvements for musicians in the UK. 

Regular price

£60 per hour

For a limited time

  • Explore and understand your music career hurdles
  • Identify options and create solutions
  • Get links to relevant resources 
  • Confidential professional discussion
  • 1 hour online coach call with Millicent over Zoom

How long are the sessions and where do we meet?

It is a 60 minute session, online, using Zoom video meeting.  You can set up a free account with Zoom if you are not on it.  

How do I book?

Book into Millicent's diary hosted by Calendly (below) and then make your payment by Card or PayPal on Millicent's website.  

Why is Millicent offering a price reduction for a limited time?

While the impact on earnings during COVID-19 might not be a challenge for some, it is for others so for a limited time Millicent's coach calls are reduced to £60 per hour for all!