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Module 1 - 'Learn The Secrets Of How To Overcome An Empty Diary And Get Gigs Time And Time Again'

Fed up with not having enough Gigs?  Stuck with where to find work and how to introduce yourself?  Not sure if you've handled the Gig arrangements correctly? Wondering about how your name can be in their minds when they are planning their next show?

In this Module you will get clear and frank explanations on how to get noticed; target Promoters and know what to say to them.  Not only that you will learn how to handle bookings; improve how you operate at Gigs and also how to stay in the minds of key people to get repeat Bookings.

This module consist of the following 14 lessons:

☑️ Lesson 1: Who are you

☑️ Lesson 2: Achieving your dreams

☑️ Lesson 3: Music hobby or a music business?

☑️ Lesson 4: Plan for success

☑️ Lesson 5: Where can they find you?

☑️ Lesson 6: Get noticed!

☑️ Lesson 7: Finding Bookings

☑️ Lesson 8: Handling Bookings

☑️ Lesson 9: Working for free (Pros and Cons)

☑️ Lesson 10: Things to do before the Gig

☑️ Lesson 11: Things to do on Gig day 

☑️ Lesson 12: Considerations for your return trip

☑️ Lesson 13: How to stay in their minds

☑️ Lesson 14: Next steps.

These lessons are taught by Millicent Stephenson. 

Value is £150 but you will get it today for £97.

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