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Mastering YouTube for Musicians (Part 1)


Discover how to create your YouTube channel and practical steps for gaining views and subscribers


  • How to create your login
  • What is where in your YouTube channel
  • How to upload your videos
  • Security tips
  • What to type in the boxes of the form for your uploaded videos
  • Things to say at your performance or Post for attracting subscribers
  • 3 tips for maintaining your Channel
  • 9 tips for sharing your videos and getting views
  • 6 tips for growing your subscribers organically
  • 6 things I do to get work though my YouTube Channel
  • Why some of my videos are in the thousands and others not so
  • A challenge to help you set up your channel and gain views and subscribers

What People Are Saying:

Millicent’s thoroughness of the subject makes me feel a lot more confident and inspired. I have a new project coming up which YouTube will be good for

Dan McCaughern

I learnt a lot. Millicent’s step-by-step instructions have been very clear and simple. My children have been telling me for a long time to do a YouTube channel. I am now going to set one up!

Julia Palmer-Price