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Who is Millicent Stephenson? Read below.

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Who Is Millicent Stephenson

Millicent Stephenson is multi award winning saxophonist who is featured on TV, Radio, Journals and most recently in two books ‘Gender Disparity in UK Jazz’ and ‘In Their Own Words’ a transatlantic project by Sammy Stein and Debbie Burke. Millicent’s music career includes directing her yearly Show ‘Not Just Jazz’ which showcases her original material and favourite iconic covers to her fans

Millicent gives advice to musicians through her podcast ‘Success Beyond The Score’ and she is a finalist for the International Women’s Podcast Awards by the Skylark Collective, ‘Moment of Badass Business Advice’ category (2021).

During Lockdown Millicent created e-learning courses to help musicians advance themselves.   Millicent is particularly passionate about seeing more women in the music industry, and created ‘Time For Your Music’ an online membership group for informing and empowering women on how to handle technical, business and performance elements of their music.

Millicent is an endorser for Harry Hartmann Fiberreeds, and an Executive Committee member of the Musicians Union.