Time For My Music

Frequently Asked Questions

'Time For My Music' is an online private membership group for female musicians (instrumentalists, singers, singer-songwriters, rappers and DJs) who are either:  

  • Returning to music after a break and want to boost their confidence.
  • Music is their hobby but they would like to perform and get paid.
  • Music is part-time and they want help in becoming a full-time musician. 

Time for My Music helps women to become confident, successful, bookable performers and get paid living out their music dream.

The equipment you need to perform online, Microphones and PA systems, Copyright, Stage presence,  working with Backing Tracks, working with Bands, creating an electronic press kit, how to put on an online or live performance, and so on. 

Anything you want to learn.  You will receive an honest and no-holds barred information and guidance on all topics with expert advice and support.

The online experience happens through Zoom and the women are encouraged to set up a free Zoom account on their device to accommodate this.   

Only registered users have access to the private Group space where the women catch up on workshop video replays; post audio, text and video content and engage in conversations which is available 24 x 7 x 12. 

All sessions are supervised by Millicent.  You read more about who she is here.  Some sessions will be taken by invited guests or led by women of the group who are sharing a skills for the benefit of all.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic Millicent ran in-person workshops for women in music under her project 'Cafemnee'. Millicent had to find a way to support the women online, who wanted to continue working on making their music dream a reality during that time, so that they will leave lockdown Gig ready.  ‘Cafemnee’ was reborn as ‘Time For My Music’ and the online experience made it easier for women to attend irrespective of their location.

Statistically there are not many women in the music industry and this group is set up to help redress the balance, so unfortunately this is a female only Community.  However other genders do have access to Millicent's Podcast, free resources, coaching, and courses on  www.successbeyondthescore.com 

Enrolment to the Group opens three times a year.  Notifications will be placed on the blog post of this site, and direct email messages to those on the email list.  

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Time For My Music 2nd Online Concert

The women demonstrate their new skills while raising funds to help the homeless. Charities supported are CEO Sleep Out and The House of St Barnabas (London).

Time For My Music 1st Online Concert

During lockdown of 2020 the women learnt about the technology to perform online. Each used methods they were comfortable with. Their performance consisted of one pre-recorded item and one live item. Here is the highlights video.

'Time For My Music' Photographic Exhibition

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This is what the women say about 'Time For My Music':

"For ages I had wanted to buy an amplifier but was not sure what to buy. Time For My Music had a workshop on amplifiers and now I am the proud owner of a very good amplifier. Other workshops have been on backing tracks and stage performance skills which have been excellent. I have purchased some very good backing tracks and even had one made. The Showcase was a game changer for me all what I had learnt was put into practice. The audience was wonderful and the feedback was positive. I have also had personal feedback from Millicent on my performance this not only will help me to self-develop but boosted my confidence as well. The monthly online drinks, chill and chat where we chill and chat and share experiences of life in general are so supportive. Come on women come and join us pick up your instrument, sing again. PUSH! (Photograph by Sharon Jones) "


"With all the above and women joining the community group at varying levels of their musical journeys, what this community group does, and gives me is the time and space to explore, experiment, sharpen, fuse musical ideas with likewise women. I have grown tremendously in my musical journey and applaud and commend Millicent on her leadership and vision on our behalf. (Photograph by Laurence Stephenson) "


"I thought I was not good enough, until a 80-year-old man heard me sing and told me not to doubt myself. Months later when I heard about Millicent’s project in Birmingham, I drove to it after working my night shift. I live in London. It was brilliant! The encouragement from the other female artistes was great and helped me so much. I decided the project was beneficial to me and my progress. During Lockdown it went online. I’ve learnt so much. I’ve learnt about how to relate to others, set up my microphone, run my PA system and operate my mixing board, stage performance, to project my vocals. All valuable experiences for stage work. (Photograph by Steve Spurgin)"

Singer and DJ

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