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Ten Reasons Why They Will Pay You Before Gig Day

Are you struggling to get paid for your Gigs?

Do your customers cry poverty after you have come off stage?

Do you wonder how other musicians get paid in advance but you don't?

Would you like to know what your customers are checking  to decide if they pay you?

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  • 10 areas customers check before they will pay you in advance. 

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This list is created from my 40 years experience in the music industry. 

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Revealed - 25 Secrets of the Successful Gigging Musician, Singer, Rapper & Spoken Word Artiste

Transform the way you prepare and deliver your Gigs through these 25 tips.  Each will help you to give a consistent professional service, and help to get you re-booked.

This booklet will you help to:

  • Get better quality Gigs
  • Avoid career shortening habits
  • Remain performance fit
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  • Increase your income
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