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An online membership community where females in music can connect, share, learn and advance 
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This is for you if

You are a female musician, singer or rapper and you feel that now is the time for your music  

You want to connect, share, learn and advance with other like minded women in music 


also if you want

Help writing your Bio and stage announcement even if you have never done one before

Expert advice on taking your photograph for your flyers and press kit

To understand the ins and outs of putting on an online performance

  advice on audio or video Tech to match a tight budget. 

 Stage and back stage advice to level up your gigging or be Gig ready.


What will I get? 

  • You will receive real and down-to-earth advice from our music consultants
  • You can access 'How To' videos made specifically for this group e.g. types of microphone; PA systems; what to buy; copyright; stage presence, etc
  • Attend monthly online member meet ups ('Drinks Chill & Chat') where you can share your experiences and support others in a confidential space
  • Showcase your creative ideas and get feedback within the private group
  • Post music related information via video, audio or text for the benefit of all
  • Ask the questions you have always wanted to ask to help you develop e.g. how to do sound check better, fees, performance issues
  • Prepare and perform in the Time For My Music online Gig

This is an exclusive members only area free from Pop-up and Border Ads available 24 x 7 x 12

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How much is 'Time For My Music' and what will I get?

£25/per month (first 7 days free!)


  • Real and down-to-earth advice from our music consultant
  • Access 'How To' videos 
  • Monthly online member meet ups ('Drinks Chill & Chat')
  • Showcase your creative ideas and get feedback
  • Post music related information in the Group
  • Ask the questions you have always wanted to ask 
  • Perform in the Time For My Music online Gig
  • An exclusive members only area free from Pop-up and Border Ads available 24 x 7 x 12

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After many years of domestic commitments, I decided to return to my first love – music. I decided to learn to play the saxophone, just because. It never occurred to me that I might like to play in public, so I just plodded along playing the simple tunes that I had learned. A chance meeting saw me taking the plunge and participating in my first ‘all day’ workshop, hosted by Millicent. The women in the group made me feel so welcome that I really didn’t want to go home. I gradually gained confidence and even started to play at open mic sessions. 

During lockdown I joined Time for My Music it ‘does exactly what is says on the tin’. The group has allowed me to return to my first love and I couldn’t have joined a more supportive group of like-minded women. I lacked a great deal of confidence but was determined to overcome this hindrance. The Group has offered me support when I needed it most and has encouraged my development. I now play in 2 bands – one where I am part of the ‘brass section’ and another and that has an ‘all girl’ line-up. Not bad for someone who had no real intention of becoming a performer.


For me the monthly workshops have been very good. For ages I had wanted to buy an amplifier but was not sure what to buy.  The workshop on amplifiers helped me and now I am the proud owner of a very good amplifier. Other workshops have been on backing tracks and stage performance skills which have been excellent.  What ever level of musician you are you need good backing tracks and it is important to present yourself well on stage. I have purchased some very good backing tracks and even had one made. 

The online performance showcase was a game changer for me, all what I had learnt was put into practice. The audience was wonderful and the feedback was positive. I have also had personal feedback from Millicent on my performance which helped me to self develop and boosted my confidence  as well.

Time for my music also has a monthly drinks, chill and chat where we chill and chat and share experiences of life in general.

Come on women come and join us pick up your instrument sing again. PUSH!

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