Celebrate Your Progress!

Li Proverbe au Vilain is a fascinating collection of medieval French poems, first published around 1190. The end of some of these poems is marked with an humorous note that says "or so the peasant says", while some others feature popular sayings and proverbs.

One of those proverbs is "Rome was not built in a day". I like how it says so much in such a brief manner, and how it reminds us of the importance of patience and awareness of ourselves in a gentle way.

When we are building a music career, many times we want it to happen yesterday. We want to be a worldwide famous star in the matter of a single year, and because of this, frustration lurks right behind our backs. It's important to remember that, in a way, if we want to make a life out of music, we're in for a lifetime. We need time for improving our artistry, learning how to balance our craft with the other things going on in our existence, making contacts and growing the business side of it all... Things don't happen in the blink of an eye and the journey is not a straight line; there are many setbacks.

Does this mean that committing to music means a life of frustration? Of course not! The journey is enjoyable on its own and there are many instances in which you can and should celebrate your progress. While you're working on building your own "Rome", you learn how to make a house, you get it done, then you make another, then a street, and a plaza, etc. All of those are achievements worth acknowledging! Each win can help you appreciate your own effort and also keep you motivated.

No matter where you are in your music journey, remember to do your best, and celebreate your progress.