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Millicent can help you in the following areas:

  • Setting your fee and getting paid.
  • How to work your Stage and deliver a great show.
  • Growing followers who will come to your performances.
  • Develop a strong Social media presence.
  • How to work with backing tracks and where to buy them.
  • How to put on your live or online Show.
  • Mediating your Band war.
  • How to write a business plan to achieve your goals.
  • Stages of creating your recorded music and getting it out there. 
  • How to create your music video within your home and how to use the equipment you need to achieve this.
  • Getting your first microphone, public address system and how to set the levels on your mixing desk.
  • How to advertise yourself and get work.
  • How to get work from zero contacts!
  • Building your confidence and self belief.
  • Teaching including planning, assessment and management to have a consistent student register.

If what you want to cover is not in this list, let Millicent know in your application.  Millicent has 40 years of experience in music industry and may be able to assist.

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"Millicent assisted me with a series of online coaching sessions on the subject of music teaching. The information I received was well explained and very helpful to my development as a teacher. Millicent took the time to fully understand the areas I was keen to develop and set up a mini program to ensure we would cover all the material within a set time frame. I enjoyed the sessions and grew so much in a short space of time. I would highly recommend Millicent’s coaching sessions to anyone seeking to develop themselves, she is an expert and you will be sure to grow with her support and guidance."

Andrew Chisholm
Music Teacher & Contemporary Saxophonist

"I am truly grateful for having worked with Millicent on my music business. She has given me enormous value on how to structure my business plan and how to develop my online presence. We have spent a lot of time discussing and shaping my ideas before implementing them. I deeply appreciate the fact that she has inspired me include all my other passions into my music business. This way, I have felt I have finally begun to understand what music business is about. Professionalism, kindness and a precise way of business-planning is what makes Millicent stand out from other mentors. Thank you, Millicent!"

Adriana Cristea
Classical Violinist & Music Teacher

Who is Millicent Stephenson?

Millicent's advice and support is garnered from 40 year in the music industry and her experience includes performing, directing, producing, teaching, podcasting, business coaching, musicians union activism, speaking and counselling. She is featured on Radio, TV, Journals and Books. Millicent is multi-award winning international saxophonist.

She is an endorser of Harry Hartmann reeds (Germany).  


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Photograph credit:

Sad woman by  Eugene kukulka
Millicent by Keri J Hunt
Andrew by Andrew Chisholm