Noise Cancellation - help or hinderance? Episode 28

Season #1 Episode #28

Teaching or live streaming you want to make sure that your students or your fans hear your what you are saying, singing and playing but how does the noise cancellation feature found in many web cams and video conferencing platforms help or hinder your music work? Listen to episode 28 'Noise Cancellation - help or hinderance?' of Success Beyond The Score by Millicent Stephenson, Get Business Ready conference Fri 10th July 2020: Complete the 'Making Music Making Money' Survey here: Get your free copy of 'Revealed - 25 Secrets of the Successful Gigging Musician, Singer, Rapper and Spoken Word Artiste' here: full with information and insights to help musicians, singers, rappers and spoken word artiste find their way in the music industry by Millicent Stephenson, a Multi-award winning saxophonist. At the time of this recording Millicent is a member of the Executive Committee of the Musicians Union and also a member of Midlands Regional Committee and Equalities sub-committee of the Musicians Union; Founder and Creative Director of Cafemnee. Millicent is featured on Radio and TV. Millicent is a Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Endorser. Website: Contact: [email protected]