5 Reasons For Monetising Your Music Online Now! Episode 24

Season #1 Episode #24

Moving your music online with a view to making money seems like the right thing to do but how can you be sure? Millicent presents 5 reasons for monetising your music online now in episode 24 of Success Beyond The Score. Complete the 'Making Music Making Money' Survey here: https://www.millicentstephenson.co.uk/Making-Music-Making-Money-Survey Get your free copy of 'Revealed - 25 Secrets of the Successful Gigging Musician, Singer, Rapper and Spoken Word Artiste' here: https://www.millicentstephenson.co.uk/pl/120288 full with information and insights to help musicians, singers, rappers and spoken word artiste find their way in the music industry by Millicent Stephenson, a Multi-award winning saxophonist. At the time of this recording Millicent is a member of the Executive Committee of the Musicians Union and also a member of Midlands Regional Committee and Equalities sub-committee of the Musicians Union; Founder and Creative Director of Cafemnee. Millicent is featured on Radio and TV. Millicent is a Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Endorser. Website: www.millicentstephenson.com Contact: [email protected]