The 7 stages of the gigging musician - S3 Ep1

Season #3

The 7 Stages of a gigging musician, according to Millicent Stephenson. I believe that
• Every musician (singer, instrumentalist, rapper, singer-songwriter, etc) should be paid their worth
• Every musician should apply business principles to their music for it to grow to the level they want it to
• Every musician (irrespective of age) can have their own fanbase because the world is big enough.

But it is not the case for everyone, it may not be the case for you. Perhaps you feel stuck; you've tried but can't move forward, maybe you're thinking of giving up. Perhaps you are just getting started but you are unclear about what you need to do next, the stages of your music business.

In this episode I present the 7 stages of the gigging musician, to help you consider where you are and where to go next. These stages are based on my music journey and observations of gigging musicians.