Hitting the high notes is amazing, and so are many other things!

The Harvard Opportunes is an all genders a-cappella group associated with the University of Harvard. During one of their performances, vocalist Devon Gates knocked it out of the park singing extremely high notes with fantastic accuracy for the song "Hard Place". You can watch the full performance on YouTube, but this Instagram video has a helpful guide of the specific notes she hits:

When we encounter a moment that highlights so well the skill of one member of a group, we tend to focus only on what that person is doing and even feel a bit discouraged, thinking that if we aren't like that, we'll never get to where we want in music. However, there's no need to be an operatic soprano or Mariah Carey to be a great vocalist: everybody has their role. Just pay attention to the other voices of the Opportunes, and how they work together to carry the song and support Ms. Gates. Without them, even her impressive skill would fall flat.

Don't take decisions based on what is popular or on what you think people appreciates. Your voice is your own and that already makes it unique, no matter if you can't hit a C6. The same applies to instruments, of course: the fact that the electric guitar or the violin are popular doesn't mean that they're the only instruments with which you'll get far! Just explore and enjoy music by following your own interests and sensibility. Soon, you'll arrive to the music you want to make and to the public who's dying to listen to it.