What is your Motivation?

Did you know that, without being clear on your motivation, you won’t achieve your music targets or complete your plans?

During lockdown I, like many, had my live music work restricted, postponed or cancelled. I was depressed for the first two weeks of our first lockdown.  Although I was worrying about my income, I was mostly sad not to be able to meet people and do my thing. Why? Because I enjoy the fact that my music makes people feel better and it takes them to another place. It’s one of the reasons why I go on stage. Realising this helped me to adapt the way I work during lockdown so I could continue doing what I do. 

 The other thing about motivation is that it can change. In the early days, I just wanted to play because I felt this is my talent and I must deliver. Later on, it was about earning through my music and making it my full-time career, which I did. Nowadays, it’s about making a difference by imparting my experience to help others to grow. Irrespective, there is always something which keeps me going.

What is your motivation? What gets you through your music obstacles? What got you through making yourself available for tomorrows gigs, even though you did not get the one you wanted today? What keeps you playing or singing when you didn’t get the fee you were expecting? What gets you up and in front of your instrument practising? Planning your next recording? Writing your next Song? 

I think that, when you peel back the layers of your thoughts, you’ll probably find what is your motivation, or in other words, your reason or reasons for doing what you do. The fuel which keeps you going.  

Perhaps sometime this week you could contemplate this thought: ‘What is my motivation?’. Figure out what it is. You might have more than one. Make a note of it, or them, somewhere. 

You might need to remind yourself of them from time to time, when you feel as though you are not achieving your targets or your plans have gone pear-shaped.

That's the thought for today. Speak to you again soon!