Success Beyond The Score on the International Women's Podcast Awards

The Skylark Collective defines itself as a sisterhood for women in podcasting. As part of their efforts to break barriers in the podcast production world, they created the International Women’s Podcast Awards, which had its first edition this year.

The ceremony took place on Thursday, September 23rd, on a London venue. The podcast Success Beyond The Score, which you can find in all podcast platforms and YouTube through our list, was shortlisted for the category of “badass business advice”, so Millicent attended the ceremony.

Unfortunately, Success Beyond The Score did not win in its category, but Millicent was happy to share time with wonderful women who create podcasts for a variety of themes and audiences. The full list of nominees and winners, plus some photos, can be found on the Instagram account of the Skylark Collective.

Check Millicent’s photos and thoughts on her own Instagram account.