25 steps forward towards the music career of your dreams

Are you a gigging musician, singer, rapper or spoken word artiste with big dreams but unsure of how to make them come true? If so, this is for you.

Learn how to get better quality gigs, ensure the longevity of your career and the energy in your performances, build your image and increase your income with Revealed, a free booklet where Millicent Stephenson, a multi-award winning saxophonist with a successful career that spans decades, condensed her experience and insight into 25 key secrets.

As you read, it's a free booklet, no catch! All you have to do is to provide a valid e-mail address. You won't receive spam and your information isn't going to be disclosed to any third party. As easy as that!

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A place for women to meet and collaborate

When the community of Time For My Music decided to have a Drink, Chill and Chat event in person, the question of the venue was the first to pop out. Fortunately, a woman who attends the Natwest Accelerator programme with Millicent mentioned the OLDP Women's Hub to her.

OLDP is the acronym of "Opportunities for Liberating and Developing your Potential", the name of the charitable incorporated organisation that manages the Women's Hub, among other facilities and programmes. Their objective is the promotion of equality and diversity for the public benefit by providing training and work experience initiatives targeting girls and women living in Birmingham and the surrounding area.

The Women's Hub is coworking space that women can rent to use as an office, and/or to conduct events, meetings and well-being activities. It counts with multiple spaces and appliances in order to accommodate to the needs of different business. The women of Time For My Music had a...

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TRANSCRIPTION: "Success Beyond The Score" Podcast, S.3, EP. 5

Here is the transcription of episode 5 of season 3 of the podcast "Success Beyond The Score". Happy reading!

- Watch the video of the episode here: YouTube

- Listen to the audio of the episode here: Kajabi


I'm going to be diving into the three reasons why you should be charging for your music starting today! It's really, really warm weather and in fact, I've got a gig later on as well, but I thought I'd come on and speak with you and share some nuggets. And I would love to hear from you too. If you've got a story to tell about getting paid, put that in the comments; I'd love to read it out, give you some tips on that. And if you've got any questions, please do that.

Getting paid is a real vital thing for musicians. I said in episode one, on Monday, that I believe every musician should be paid their worth. I a 100% believe it, believe it, believe it. Of course, it's a journey, and for some of you, you're probably not charging at all —that's why...

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Read what Janice has to say about Time For My Music

In preparation of the Drink, Chill and Chat in person event we'll have this Saturday 10th June on Birmingham, today we want to share a testimonial given by Time For My Music's member Janice about the good things that have come out of being part of the community for her:

Hi all.

I just managed to watch the video from the last DCC. I would like to thank everyone very much for their encouragement and support during my journey as a solo artist. These things mean a lot to me, and I am so lucky to have you all in my life. You all push me forwards and instil me with confidence, self-esteem and belief. Also, thanks to those who were able to attend the “Wednesday Mic Fever“ where I was featured. I really appreciate the feedback and lovely comments. It was truly an amazing experience that I will treasure forever. Things would not be the same, though, without the women from Time For My Music. The sessions have prepared me for the future and I still have a lot more to...

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Come to have a Drink, Chill and Chat with Time For My Music

After years operating online due to the conditions of the pandemic, Time For My Music will have a meeting in person! We are very excited to finally see each other in the flesh and share some quality time. In addition, we want to use the occasion to hopefully introduce more emerging female musicians to the community. If you are a woman in music who can attend an event in Birmingham (UK) this Saturday 10th June between 2pm and 4pm, please know we'd be delighted to have you there!

How to know if this event is right for you? Well, if:

  • You are a female musician (for example: pianist, guitarist, drummer, percussionist, wind player, singer, rapper).
  • Your music is your hobby, or side hustle, but you are not making much money
  • You are stuck with how to take your music forward
  • You are looking for a space to discuss situations that affect women in music, without cynical or negative feedback.
  • Knowing about mics, and what the buttons on an amplifier/PA system...
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What shall I play at the Legacy Centre in 2 weeks time with the Not Just Jazz Band?


Songs are a big thing for me. I guess, maybe for you too.  As a musician I spend time thinking about what to play to suit the occasion.  I spend time listening to new songs.  Learning them.  My ears are sensitive to music wherever I go. 

This week I finalising my set for my live performance with the Not Just Jazz Band. 

It's been a while. Lockdown got in the way, then it was about navigating obstacles and finally rebuilding my music business.  I'm currently inundated with work, but I could not pass up the opportunity of this invitation.  Playing at Wednesday Mic Fever meant I could get the Band together. Although everyone is working on various projects, we have not played together in, I think 4 years, so this for me will be a treat.

When are we playing? Wednesday evening 7th June.  I know it's a Wednesday, a mid-week brightener :-)  

Where are we playing? The Legacy Centre of Excellence, 144 Potters Lane, Birmingham B6 4UU,


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TRANSCRIPTION: "Success Beyond The Score" Podcast, S.3, EP. 4

Here is the transcription of episode 4 of season 3 of the podcast "Success Beyond The Score". Happy reading!

- Watch the video of the episode here: YouTube

- Listen to the audio of the episode here: Kajabi


Today is day four of season three of my podcast, Success Beyond the Score. And if you haven't already watched the first three episodes, one's about "The Seven Stages Of The Gigging Musician", the other was about, um... oh gosh, I can't remember all my titles now! Look, just go back, there's a playlist. Getting old, haha!

Anyway, today is about: "I'm A Musician. Why Do I Need A Business Plan?" And this is a topic most musicians just say: "No, I really, really, really don't need this at all. You know, I do not need this at all. I just want to play!".

By the way, if you can't hear me, drop a message in the chat so that I can make sure you can all hear me 'cause the last thing I want is to, is to be —I think that seems to be working— is to be...

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TRANSCRIPTION: "Success Beyond The Score" Podcast, S.3, EP. 3

Here is the transcription of episode 3 of season 3 of the podcast "Success Beyond The Score". Happy reading!

- Watch the video of the episode here: YouTube

- Listen to the audio of the episode here: Kajabi


It's kind of a strange title, really: "killed by sound". But in my experience going through music and watching other people, the sound system, the PA (public address) system, microphone, stuff like that, really gets in the way of our playing. And let's face it, you put in a lot of time practising. You learn the notes, you learn the chords, you learn the rhythm, you learn what you're gonna say, all that kind of thing. And then, it's just time to go and deliver. And when it's time to deliver, what lets you down is a PA system. 


Well, my experience —oh gosh, going back a few years— I sort of started playing, um, certainly for my sax, I was in my late teens, early twenties when I started. And that's sort of back in the...

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Mastering YouTube has never been easier

Creating content for social media is a lot of work, but if you know your tools and platforms, it becomes way easier. To help with that, the course "Mastering YouTube for Musicians" teaches you exactly what is available in YouTube and how to use it.

Guided by Millicent Stephenson, who speaks from experience and in an accessible way, you'll learn:

  • How to create your login.
  • What is where in your YouTube channel.
  • How to upload your videos.
  • Security tips.
  • What to type in the boxes of the form for your uploaded videos.
  • Things to say at your performance or post for attracting subscribers.
  • 3 tips for maintaining your channel.
  • 9 tips for sharing your videos and getting views.
  • 6 tips for growing your subscribers organically.
  • 6 ways to get work through your YouTube channel.
  • Why some videos are in the thousands and others not so.
  • A challenge to help you set up your channel and gain views and subscribers.

Get your course following this link and see how you get a...

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TRANSCRIPTION: "Success Beyond The Score" Podcast, S.3, EP. 2

Here is the transcription of episode 2 of season 3 of the podcast "Success Beyond The Score". Happy reading!

- Watch the video of the episode here: YouTube

- Listen to the audio of the episode here: Kajabi


Today, the topic is: does your music have the juice to pull a crowd? This is so important. I think this is a really, really good topic because, um, I think it was just about a couple of weeks ago, a promoter contacted me and they said: Look, I am looking for someone to headline my show. Do you know anyone? And I was like: What type of musician you're looking for? And they described the kind they were looking for. I thought: Mm interesting. Who do I know -apart from myself- who do I know that they could book, that people would want to see. Because that is what they were looking for, they wanted to put someone on their flyer, someone local, someone in the West Midlands, they didn't want to travel too far. Yes, they could go abroad. Yes, they could go to London. But,...

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