How To Ensure Safety On Stage (And What To Do If An Accident Happens)

Recently, I have had quite a lot of gigs. The occasions are different and so are the circumstances. Sometimes, I am playing on a terrace, some others, on a function room, or a hall, or at a bar... As I have to bring my own PA system, every time I have to think about the safety of everybody involved, including myself, when I set it. 

A few weeks ago, in London, I arrived to the venue where I was going to play when the guests were already at the bar, coming from the wedding ceremony to attend the drinks reception. I had to survey where the plug points were, and think where to set up, without the guests seeing me directly. I had to make sure that my speakers were firm on their stands and that the cables connecting them to the console were not a tripping hazard for me or other musicians coming on stage. 

Sounds a bit nerve-wracking, doesn't it? Well, it is not too bad, especially not after years of practise, but you have to be attentive and careful, and always make sure everybody working with you is safe. 

One of the things I do to achieve that is having a "public liability insurance" (PLI), which will cover any financial expenses related to accidents caused by elements on stage, in the case they end up happening. Prevention is essential and the goal is to work consistently without incidents, but having a backup in case something happens makes winders for your peace of mind! 

The Musicians' Union offers a PLI that is acquired independently from their membership, which means you can be insured without having to become a member. If you want more information about it, you can visit this website: 

Take care and own the stage!