Mastering YouTube has never been easier

Creating content for social media is a lot of work, but if you know your tools and platforms, it becomes way easier. To help with that, the course "Mastering YouTube for Musicians" teaches you exactly what is available in YouTube and how to use it.

Guided by Millicent Stephenson, who speaks from experience and in an accessible way, you'll learn:

  • How to create your login.
  • What is where in your YouTube channel.
  • How to upload your videos.
  • Security tips.
  • What to type in the boxes of the form for your uploaded videos.
  • Things to say at your performance or post for attracting subscribers.
  • 3 tips for maintaining your channel.
  • 9 tips for sharing your videos and getting views.
  • 6 tips for growing your subscribers organically.
  • 6 ways to get work through your YouTube channel.
  • Why some videos are in the thousands and others not so.
  • A challenge to help you set up your channel and gain views and subscribers.

Get your course following this link and see how you get a channel up and running in no time!