Showtime! Let's Learn How It Is Done

Gigs! I’ve had the opportunity to play so many this year that I can’t do nothing but feel blessed (and a bit exhausted, haha!). No matter if big of small, I bring everything to the stage and I have the time of my life, as you can see in the header photo of this post. It was taken during the Birmingham 2022 Festival by Laurence Stephenson. The event was incredible! If you want some specifics on how it went, I wrote a little recap on my personal website.

Such occasions would not be possible if I was not confident in my ability to pull a crowd and make the experience unforgettable for them. It is incredibly rewarding, and that’s why I want you to be able to do the same: to appear confident and get people’s attention, to make them remember you, look you up after the gig and talk to their friends about you. For this reason, I put together a course called “Showtime! The best ingredients for giving a great performance“, in which you can learn:

  • How to get comfortable with your music and performance set before the day.
  • How to work with bands.
  • The importance of your look.
  • Must do pre-gig prep.
  • How to exude confidence on the stage.
  • Ways to greet and engage your audience.
  • Where to place off stage antics.

You can find the course in the store. I’m looking forward to cheer for you when you apply the contents of the course and come to own the stage!