What is the number one thing you should do to move forward?

Recently, I’ve been binge watching ‘Race To The Center of the Earth’.  It has adventure, dizzy heights even from my sofa, a little drama, great scenery and of course teams competing for the prize of one million dollars. I love shows like these because  I find them inspiring, a little scary (when someone gets hurt or they have to climb up a super high cliff face) but also interesting.

How does this relate to music? Last time, I mentioned I would share with you one of the things I still do now to keep me moving and growing as a musician.  On reflection, there are 3 things, but today I’ll illustrate the first one through the Race.

Each of the racers in the Team have a goal.  A goal to win the million-dollar prize.  They are focused on that goal and all roads lead to that goal.  They train for that goal; they strategize towards that goal and at the end they will know if they achieve the goal.

This is something I do.  No, not extreme sports although I wish  – lol! But at 42, when I gave it one last push to see if I could make something out of my music, I set goals.  At least two to three times a year I stop for a couple of hours and set my goals for the next 3 – 6 months. Targets I need to get done to move forward in that time and towards my long term goals.

Without goals, you can achieve things, but they may not do much for you. They might not take you any closer to the things you are really interested in.

Without goals you can find yourself going around in circles.  Standing still or feel as though you are going backwards. 

Goals are worth having!

I should add, I don’t see music as a race or with only one winner.  As I said last time, the world is a big place, plenty of room for us all.  There are people who want your music and not mine. Different tastes and styles, and that’s what makes it work. 

So, do you have goals for your music?  Do your strategies align with those goals?  Have you achieved any goals in the last few months?  Do you struggle to set goals? Think about it, and let me know!