Musicians, it's time to master YouTube

As a musician, having a presence on YouTube can make all the difference. Every year, the platform adds new ways of interaction that benefit music creators, like the brand new "YouTube Recap", a customised summary where users can check the musicians and songs they listened to the most during the year and share them with their friends.

Managing online platforms and social media websites can look daunting, but don't let that stop you from sharing your music and build your career. Getting started with YouTube is easier than you think! To learn how to do it, you can get the course "Mastering YouTube for Musicians" right in this website and learn:

  • How to create your login.
  • What is where in your YouTube channel.
  • How to upload your videos.
  • Security tips.
  • What to type in the boxes of the form for your uploaded videos.
  • Things to say at your performance or post for attracting subscribers.
  • 3 tips for maintaining your channel.
  • 9 tips for sharing your videos and getting views.
  • 6 tips...
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