Do You Like Surprises? Check This One By Pentatonix and Lil Buck

Creativity and innovation are at the core of art. There's always delight at the surprise of getting our expectations subverted, and the more conventional and formal the base context is, the greater the joy.

A good example of this is the famous a cappella group Pentatonix, which always finds way to catch their audience by surprise. In this occasion, they partnered with renowned dancer Lil Buck to give an impressive twist to their Hollywood Bowl show. Link to reel.

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Post by Pentatonix (@ptxofficial)

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Emergency on Stage!

Anything can happen on stage and, as performers, we must be prepared! However, sometimes things go wrong no matter how hard you think about every possible inconvenience ahead of time. That was the case of Taiwanese-Australian violinist star Ray Chen during a concert in Brussels some years ago, when one string of his violin broke mid-song: Watch on YouTube.


We feel his pain, but the video is hilarious! Check how everybody reacts super fast, while the director pays no mind whatsoever to the chaos unfolding right next to him. The show must go on and orchestras know this better than anyone!

We hope this brings a smile to your face and some energy for the week that just started. If you want to learn more about how to make your performances a success no matter what, be sure to check the e-learning course "10 Things The Most Successful Artists Always Do, That You Can Do, To Give An Unforgettable Show"


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