Success Beyond The Score, season 2, episode 16

Welcome to a new episode of Millicent's podcast, Success Beyond The Score. This episode is a juicy one, as the guests will talk about the essence of the business side of music. Record labels, contracts, financial planning, education and training, networking, all that is going to be covered by the brilliant Ruby Turner MBE, Dan Whitehouse, Anna Brooks, Abigail Kelly, Louise Dengate and Tony Bean.

Give it a watch on Youtube, or visit this page to see all the podcast platforms where Success Beyond The Score is available.

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Are you standing still, going backwards or moving forwards?

I’ve been thinking about ways to help you with your music development and the thought occurred to me, how do I know if you are standing still, going backwards or moving forwards with your music?

I thought about this because many people look at me and think I have it made, or that I don’t have a clue about what-what’s because I was born that way.  But, I can tell you that although I’m moving forward there were times when my music stood still and when it went a way back!

In my 20s, I was gigging a lot, mainly in the Gospel circuit.  I was well known in my circuit and then I fell in love, got married and moved to the North of England. 

Now, in those days there was no internet or mobile phones, just letters, landlines and call boxes on the streets. Lol! The Gospel music circuit in the North was not as developed as the Midlands or South, so I had to travel back often. I didn’t have role models who commuted, also work...

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