TRANSCRIPTION: "Success Beyond The Score" Podcast, S.3, EP. 2

Here is the transcription of episode 1 of season 3 of the podcast "Success Beyond The Score". Happy reading!

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Today, the topic is: does your music have the juice to pull a crowd? This is so important. I think this is a really, really good topic because, um, I think it was just about a couple of weeks ago, a promoter contacted me and they said: Look, I am looking for someone to headline my show. Do you know anyone? And I was like: What type of musician you're looking for? And they described the kind they were looking for. I thought: Mm interesting. Who do I know -apart from myself- who do I know that they could book, that people would want to see. Because that is what they were looking for, they wanted to put someone on their flyer, someone local, someone in the West Midlands, they didn't want to travel too far....

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Success Beyond The Score Season 3, Now Available!

Oh, what an adventure it was for Millicent to post the content of the podcast Success Beyond The Score live on YouTube for the third season! Through a bit over two weeks, she talked about many essential things you need to know to grow your music career:

  1. Mon 4th July: Welcome and what to expect. 
  2. Tues 5th July: Does your music have the juice to pull a crowd?
  3. Wed 6th July: Why do musicians get killed by sound?
  4. Thurs 7th July: I’m a musician. Why do I need a business plan?
  5. Fri 8th July: Three reasons why you should charge for your music starting today!
  6. Mon 11th July: Is playing for free a contradiction for musicians?
  7. Tues 12th July: Do you have a music hobby or a music business?
  8. Wed 13th July: This is why you should video record your Gigs.
  9. Thurs 14th July: Stop! Don’t record until you’ve done these!
  10. Fri 15th July: Three essentials for putting on your own show.
  11. Mon 18th July: Three reasons why you should contact the sound engineer before your Gig.

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Success Beyond The Score, season 2, episode 20

The season 2 finale of the podcast Success Beyond The Score is available now! Listen to Millicent Stephenson highlight the best from the interviews she held during the season, comment and add on the advice by the guests and thank every one of them for their fantastic advice and contributions.

Click here to watch the episode on YouTube.

Click here to find your podcast platform of choice to listen to the episode in audio format.

Don't forget to leave comments and to share with friends that are also working their way into the music business.

Also, let's take this chance to confirm there will be a season 3 of the podcast. Stay tunned!

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Success Beyond The Score, season 2, episode 18

As we are close to the end of the year, this episode of the podcast "Success Beyond The Score" is dedicated to reflection, in particular about the critical event that marked 2020 and 2021: the coronavirus pandemic.

How did it affect the music industry? Specifically, how did it impact musicians? Today you will hear true stories from Anna Brooks, Tony Bean, Louise Dengate, Dan Whitehouse, Abigail Kelly and Ruby Turner MBE, in which they will tell us about their hardships, opportunities, the good and the bad.

Find the video of the episode on YouTube and choose your favourite podcast platform to listen to the audio version on this list.

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Success Beyond The Score, season 2, episode 17

A new episode of my music business podcast “Success Beyond The Score” is now available on YouTube and all major podcast platforms!

This time, I asked my guests about their careers’ highs and lows. What did they learn from both the brightest and the darkest times of their careers? What do they value the most after all the ups and downs? You let me know what you think, leaving a comment.

Also, remember that there is a new free download, dedicated to some key actions you can do to always get paid before gig day.

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Success Beyond The Score, season 2, episode 16

Welcome to a new episode of Millicent's podcast, Success Beyond The Score. This episode is a juicy one, as the guests will talk about the essence of the business side of music. Record labels, contracts, financial planning, education and training, networking, all that is going to be covered by the brilliant Ruby Turner MBE, Dan Whitehouse, Anna Brooks, Abigail Kelly, Louise Dengate and Tony Bean.

Give it a watch on Youtube, or visit this page to see all the podcast platforms where Success Beyond The Score is available.

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