Time For Hillary's Music

Hillary, known professionally as Tiny Sax, is part of the Time For My Music online community for emerging female musicians. Her instrument is the alto saxophone, with which she plays a variety of genres including blues, soul, jazz and funk.

She has performed as a solo artist at a number of events, like a Windrush celebration (H Suite), OPOL function (Legacy Centre of Excellence), Our Journey function (Ibis Hotel), and as part of the ‘Not Just Jazz V’ concert of multi-award-winning saxophonist Millicent Stephenson. She has also played at private events like garden parties, and for children at schools.

Hillary plays in two bands: ‘As One Collective’ and ‘Mojo Train’. She has been occasionally invited to join the brass section in the Mike Davids Band too. You can watch her in action on her YouTube channel:

About Time For My Music, this is what Hillary has to say:

When I initially learned to play the saxophone, I had no...

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News about the concert of Time For My Music

Last year was a busy one for the women of Time For My Music, our community for emerging female musicians. Among the highlights, there's their first meeting face to face at the OLDP Women's Hub, and many preparations, workshops and rehearsals for their first live concert in Birmingham.

The idea to make the jump from the screen to the stage was brewing since 2022. While the event was originally planned for November or December 2023, the group arrived to the conclusion it'd be better to move it to 2024. That way, the suggestions of the survey we conducted in regard to the concert could be better addressed, there would be more time for logistics, and the participants would have more time to become confident in their performances.

The work in progress has been rewarding on itself. Every member of Time For My Music has been involved every step of the way, starting from the selection of the songs. The set list includes long time dreams of some of the women, as it's the case...

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Time For Joannie's Music

Joannie, known professionally as Joannie Joannie or JoannieJMusic, is part of the Time For My Music online community for emerging female musicians. Her element is the voice: she's a singer, songwriter and poetical lyricist, radio presenter and DJ. She is passionate about social connection and communication, which has allowed her to bring joy with her music to people of all ages, from youth groups to care homes residents.

Joannie joined Time For My Music to find support in order to tackle the hurdles that lockdown brought her, namely some voice problems and loss of confidence. With Millicent's guidance and the help of the community, she got back on track in no time. Once restrictions on live music were lifted, she got gigs, interviews, award nominations, and this year, the opportunity to release a single: You Bring Me Joy

Nowadays, Joannie is working regularly as music performer in restaurants with her duo SistasWithSoul. You can also find her on London World Radio,...

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Update on Time For My Music's Next Concert

It has been a while since many of you answered the Time For My Music survey in regards of having the next concert happen face to face on a venue in the city of Birmingham (UK). The community happily received all your valuable feedback, and the women have been discussing and organising the event ever since.

At the moment, they're doing one of the most exciting parts of putting a show together, which is choosing their songs. There's going to be solo, duo and group acts, which has made the process quite exhilarating. All the options on the table are interesting, and the challenge of picking the ones that'll make for the best experience alongside the others has been a good exercise for the women.

The show is taking shape and the community of Time For My Music is doing its best to be able to confirm the exact date and location. Look forward to announcements and information about the concert coming out very soon!

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A place for women to meet and collaborate

When the community of Time For My Music decided to have a Drink, Chill and Chat event in person, the question of the venue was the first to pop out. Fortunately, a woman who attends the Natwest Accelerator programme with Millicent mentioned the OLDP Women's Hub to her.

OLDP is the acronym of "Opportunities for Liberating and Developing your Potential", the name of the charitable incorporated organisation that manages the Women's Hub, among other facilities and programmes. Their objective is the promotion of equality and diversity for the public benefit by providing training and work experience initiatives targeting girls and women living in Birmingham and the surrounding area.

The Women's Hub is coworking space that women can rent to use as an office, and/or to conduct events, meetings and well-being activities. It counts with multiple spaces and appliances in order to accommodate to the needs of different business. The women of Time For My Music had a...

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Read what Janice has to say about Time For My Music

In preparation of the Drink, Chill and Chat in person event we'll have this Saturday 10th June on Birmingham, today we want to share a testimonial given by Time For My Music's member Janice about the good things that have come out of being part of the community for her:

Hi all.

I just managed to watch the video from the last DCC. I would like to thank everyone very much for their encouragement and support during my journey as a solo artist. These things mean a lot to me, and I am so lucky to have you all in my life. You all push me forwards and instil me with confidence, self-esteem and belief. Also, thanks to those who were able to attend the “Wednesday Mic Fever“ where I was featured. I really appreciate the feedback and lovely comments. It was truly an amazing experience that I will treasure forever. Things would not be the same, though, without the women from Time For My Music. The sessions have prepared me for the future and I still have a lot more to...

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Come to have a Drink, Chill and Chat with Time For My Music

After years operating online due to the conditions of the pandemic, Time For My Music will have a meeting in person! We are very excited to finally see each other in the flesh and share some quality time. In addition, we want to use the occasion to hopefully introduce more emerging female musicians to the community. If you are a woman in music who can attend an event in Birmingham (UK) this Saturday 10th June between 2pm and 4pm, please know we'd be delighted to have you there!

How to know if this event is right for you? Well, if:

  • You are a female musician (for example: pianist, guitarist, drummer, percussionist, wind player, singer, rapper).
  • Your music is your hobby, or side hustle, but you are not making much money
  • You are stuck with how to take your music forward
  • You are looking for a space to discuss situations that affect women in music, without cynical or negative feedback.
  • Knowing about mics, and what the buttons on an amplifier/PA system...
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Last days to help us offer the best T4MM concert yet

After two successful online concerts in 2021 and 2022, the women of Time For My Music are ready for a bigger challenge. We have been discussing the format and features of our next performance for some time now, and we would deeply value your input!

If you have attended any T4MM concert, or you have watched the videos afterwards, please answer this short survey for us. It will be open until tomorrow midnight, UK time.

If you haven't seen any of our work yet, here are the highlights of the first concert:

And here's the second concert in full:

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Time For My Music needs your input for a new concert

One year ago today, the talented women from Time For My Music got together for their second online concert on YouTube. They showcased their fantastic skills, old and new, and raised money for charity. We also paid tribute to our dear former member Carlene, who sadly passed away a few weeks before the concert.

It was a great experience and we definitely want to go back to the stage in 2023. In order to improve our show, we have put together a quick survey. If you have attended or watched a Time For My Music concert before, we’d be very thankful if you could take a few minutes to fill it out:

Click here to start the survey

Remember that you can revisit the concert on YouTube at any time:

Thank you so much for your input. We hope to see you in our next big show!

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A Change Of Focus

Millicent has been part of the Musicians’ Union’s Executive Committee for a few terms now. The current one finishes at the end of December this year, and she has taken the decision not to continue because she successfully got on the NatWest Accelerator programme offered by NatWest Bank, which runs for six months. 

The programme supports and empowers entrepreneurs of the United Kingdom to scale their businesses to the next level. Millicent joined to boost Success Beyond The Score as a whole, but in particular Time For My Music, the online community for emerging female musicians that you can find in this link. 

The NatWest Accelerator sessions run on Wednesdays, which makes them overlap with the monthly sessions of the Musicians’ Union’s Executive Committee. Given that Millicent has already had the opportunity to contribute to the union through that committee for a meaningful and rewarding time, she decided to step down and focus on the NatWest...

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