TRANSCRIPTION: "Success Beyond The Score" Podcast, S.3, EP. 6

Here is the transcription of episode 6 of season 3 of the podcast "Success Beyond The Score". Happy reading!

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Hello, hello, hello! I hope you can hear me. I'm just checking my mic levels. Of course, if you can't, please put a message in the chat. Now, today is scorching. It's super hot here, which is kind of nice! We don't get a lot of really hot weather, and then we complain, and then it gets cold, and we want the hot weather back. But it's great. So, at some point, I may have to put a fan on, because I've just kind of kept all the windows closed to stop the noise on the microphone. Let me just make that a bit closer to me. Yep. And, hopefully that should work. Just let me know in the chat if everything is fine.

Okay, today we have got an interesting hot topic, and that is: is playing for free a contradiction for musicians?

Thinking of this title, I thought,...

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Sharon: A case of Success Beyond The Score

Some time ago, Sharon attended one of Millicent's "getting paid" webinars. She applied the principles discussed during the session and got good results, so she wrote to Millicent to tell her all about it. We are very happy for Sharon and want to share her words with you:


Thank you so much, Millicent!

I really should have messaged you before, but here it is: I am so grateful for the tips you gave on the webinar. I followed your advice about mentioning expenses and I received £60 and food for a community event . In the end, it was only required to do a play/workshop for about 15mins. The organiser was very happy . A young woman came to me afterwards and asked if I would record her playing the djembe. She had played dhol drum years back and experienced low self esteem, largely due to family dynamics. She left the event with her recording and beaming . This was a fantastic exchange and made it all so worth it

Thank you so much again, Millicent!


Best wishes for...

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