MU: Access Riders for Musicians


As musicians, we require that the venues where we play provide us with certain things in order for us to be able to offer our best performances. Some examples are tables to locate our equipment, dressing rooms to get ready after a long ride to the venue, parking space near or in front of the venue with the possibility to offload, ramp access, etc. While some might think those are a given that all venues offer by default, the truth is that many of them do not. This is particularly troublesome for musicians with disabilities. After all, if you require certain accommodations due to a disability, you might be hesitant to try your hand at gigging due to fear of venues ignoring your needs.

First of all, rest assured knowing that all musicians have the same right to perform at public venues, no matter whether they have a disability or not. To ensure that this is a reality, the key is that artists and venue owners communicate in advance to clarify the needs of the show and take...

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TRANSCRIPTION: "Success Beyond The Score" Podcast, S.3, EP. 1

Here is the transcription of episode 1 of season 3 of the podcast "Success Beyond The Score". Happy reading!

- Watch the video of the episode here: YouTube 

- Listen to the audio of the episode here: Kajabi


This is “Success Beyond The Score”, a podcast giving insights and tips to help you learn how to build your music career, from the best in the field, by Millicent Stephenson. Millicent is a multi-award winning saxophonist and endorser of Harry Hartman's Fiberreeds who is currently serving on the executive committee of the Musicians Union. With over 40 years of experience in the creative industry, Millicent has honed her performance and business skills. She provides personal development, training and coaching via her online platform:


Hi! I am Millicent Stephenson and there are three things I absolutely believe in (apart from technology, which would the fourth thing). Number one, I believe every...

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Celebrate Your Progress!

Li Proverbe au Vilain is a fascinating collection of medieval French poems, first published around 1190. The end of some of these poems is marked with an humorous note that says "or so the peasant says", while some others feature popular sayings and proverbs.

One of those proverbs is "Rome was not built in a day". I like how it says so much in such a brief manner, and how it reminds us of the importance of patience and awareness of ourselves in a gentle way.

When we are building a music career, many times we want it to happen yesterday. We want to be a worldwide famous star in the matter of a single year, and because of this, frustration lurks right behind our backs. It's important to remember that, in a way, if we want to make a life out of music, we're in for a lifetime. We need time for improving our artistry, learning how to balance our craft with the other things going on in our existence, making contacts and growing the business side of it all... Things don't happen...

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Showtime! Let's Learn How It Is Done

Gigs! I’ve had the opportunity to play so many this year that I can’t do nothing but feel blessed (and a bit exhausted, haha!). No matter if big of small, I bring everything to the stage and I have the time of my life, as you can see in the header photo of this post. It was taken during the Birmingham 2022 Festival by Laurence Stephenson. The event was incredible! If you want some specifics on how it went, I wrote a little recap on my personal website.

Such occasions would not be possible if I was not confident in my ability to pull a crowd and make the experience unforgettable for them. It is incredibly rewarding, and that’s why I want you to be able to do the same: to appear confident and get people’s attention, to make them remember you, look you up after the gig and talk to their friends about you. For this reason, I put together a course called “Showtime! The best ingredients for giving a great performance“, in which you...

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How To Ensure Safety On Stage (And What To Do If An Accident Happens)

Recently, I have had quite a lot of gigs. The occasions are different and so are the circumstances. Sometimes, I am playing on a terrace, some others, on a function room, or a hall, or at a bar... As I have to bring my own PA system, every time I have to think about the safety of everybody involved, including myself, when I set it. 

A few weeks ago, in London, I arrived to the venue where I was going to play when the guests were already at the bar, coming from the wedding ceremony to attend the drinks reception. I had to survey where the plug points were, and think where to set up, without the guests seeing me directly. I had to make sure that my speakers were firm on their stands and that the cables connecting them to the console were not a tripping hazard for me or other musicians coming on stage. 

Sounds a bit nerve-wracking, doesn't it? Well, it is not too bad, especially not after years of practise, but you have to be attentive and careful, and always make sure...

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Sharon: A case of Success Beyond The Score

Some time ago, Sharon attended one of Millicent's "getting paid" webinars. She applied the principles discussed during the session and got good results, so she wrote to Millicent to tell her all about it. We are very happy for Sharon and want to share her words with you:


Thank you so much, Millicent!

I really should have messaged you before, but here it is: I am so grateful for the tips you gave on the webinar. I followed your advice about mentioning expenses and I received £60 and food for a community event . In the end, it was only required to do a play/workshop for about 15mins. The organiser was very happy . A young woman came to me afterwards and asked if I would record her playing the djembe. She had played dhol drum years back and experienced low self esteem, largely due to family dynamics. She left the event with her recording and beaming . This was a fantastic exchange and made it all so worth it

Thank you so much again, Millicent!


Best wishes for...

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You Can Earn From Your Music!

We have the firm belief that every musician should be paid their worth. Even if you do music as a hobby, your effort, dedication, skill and passion deserve recognition. Now, it is easier said than done, right? When it comes to the business side of music, many artists get lost in calculations, transactions, invoices, and the uncertainty of how to communicate fees and conditions to potential clients.

Don't get overwhelmed, though, there is a way out! In the e-course "Maye Your Music Pay", Millicent will teach you how to:

- Set your fee and get paid regularly.
- Build your confidence to say your price without anxiety.
- Negotiate a win-win for your fee.
- Collect your fee with no drama.
- Set up a money management system.
- Prepare for your tax return.
- Grow a fans mailing list.

With this, you'll understand the steps you can take now to work out your gig fee, collect your payment and manage your music money. Sounds good? Click here to watch the introductory video, get more information...

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Success Beyond The Score Season 3, Now Available!

Oh, what an adventure it was for Millicent to post the content of the podcast Success Beyond The Score live on YouTube for the third season! Through a bit over two weeks, she talked about many essential things you need to know to grow your music career:

  1. Mon 4th July: Welcome and what to expect. 
  2. Tues 5th July: Does your music have the juice to pull a crowd?
  3. Wed 6th July: Why do musicians get killed by sound?
  4. Thurs 7th July: I’m a musician. Why do I need a business plan?
  5. Fri 8th July: Three reasons why you should charge for your music starting today!
  6. Mon 11th July: Is playing for free a contradiction for musicians?
  7. Tues 12th July: Do you have a music hobby or a music business?
  8. Wed 13th July: This is why you should video record your Gigs.
  9. Thurs 14th July: Stop! Don’t record until you’ve done these!
  10. Fri 15th July: Three essentials for putting on your own show.
  11. Mon 18th July: Three reasons why you should contact the sound engineer before your Gig.

You can...

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12 Ways To Reduce Your Money Worries

It's no secret that the cost of living rises have affected everybody.  It may be that you have to cut back on the amount of holidays you take, or figure out how you will make £1 stretch to purchase necessary items.  Well, here are Millicent's 12 tips to help you manage your money worries.  Don't forget to do you due diligence and seek professional advice to see if these will work for you.  

1.  Sell stuff you no longer need!  Maybe you have an extra instrument, or two, or three, or four in the corner gathering dust.  Do you need it?  Could someone else benefit from it?

2. Cut back on ready meals and takeaways, and cook from raw ingredients.  

3. Call in any I.O.Us. 

4. Look through your insurances, utility bills, bank charges and see if you can switch to a provider who is offering a better deal.  Of course, read the small print!

5. Cancel any subscriptions for services you no longer need.

6. Become more...

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Today At 1pm: The 7 Stages Of A Gigging Musician

Today is the first of eleven days of amazing FREE live sessions to help you go further in your music career. At 1pm UK time, find Millicent on her YouTube channel talking about this series, what you can expect, and the seven stages of a gigging musician.

Don’t forget you can interact with Millicent during the sessions through the comments section. If you can’t make it to the livestream, don’t worry, the video will be saved in her channel for you to watch later.

This is the link:

Don’t forget to subscribe and activate notifications.

See you there at 1pm!

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