Fix Streaming Now!

You may want to check this out where you are but in the UK we have a campaign called 'Fix Streaming Now!'.   Basically what we have found is that independent music creators earn very little if not a fraction of a pence or cent in Royalties for the play of their music on streaming platforms where as Record Labels, in particular the larger labels, take a bigger slice of the pie because of the size of their catalogues and how the system works in their favour.  This system needs to be fairer especially at a time like now where every bit helps. 


Read more about the 'Fix Streaming Now' campaign on the Musicians Union site here and do what you can where you are to get this equitable for all music creator.   

Links to have your say to the UK Government are here:  here:

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The Journey of a Menopausal Musician

I wrote an article for the Musicians Union in recognition of World Menopause Day, which is today because I struggled to find information on how it impacts women carrying out their music when my symptoms began a few years ago.  

I hope my views will help men to understand what the women in their life are going through, and for women to feel they are not alone.

You can view the article The Journey of a menopausal musician on the Musicians Union website or read it below.  I only ask that if you find it interesting...or not, I would love to hear your views.  Please leave them in the comments section below this post.

Kind regards


It was during an MU Committee meeting where we were informed that temperature checks would be part of COVID testing for musicians entering rehearsal rooms and Studios, that I laughingly said, “What about us women of a certain age? We do...

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